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We are experts in social media marketing and content production

We are an Australian content production agency that delivers results.

We help our clients to cut through the noise online, turning followers into clients and likes into sales.

We produce every type of content – video, audio, written and images – and can help your business to build an audience on social media.


If you want to convert prospects to customers, customers to loyal customers, and loyal customers to brand advocates, contact us today.

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Marketing has changed forever through the rise of the internet and social media.

The attention of your target audience is on social media today.
Fit For Social was created in 2016 to keep our clients ahead of the curve when it comes to the most innovative ways to reach their audience online.

We have delivered solutions for clients in a diverse range of sectors including legal and financial services, not-for-profit, retail, health and beauty, real estate and many more.

We know how to get results using all of the tools available today, so (LINK) get in touch and we can get you moving in the right direction.

Ian Mountford – Director
Ian created Fit For Social in 2016 on arrival in Australia from the UK.
His own digital journey began in 2008 and his first steps were a YouTube channel, a WordPress website and a Twitter account.

He used these new tools on a voyage of discovery to document his journey as he came back to distance running in the USA after a few years out and, over time, built a solid community of runners tuning in each week for his regular updates.

Ian’s knowledge of the latest technology and tools has had a huge impact on the outcomes of his work and his influence has led policy and process change within the organisations of his clients.

He has designed solutions for clients across a range of sectors and his corporate experience extends across businesses of all kinds – legal and professional services, marketing, sales, financial services, IT, oil and gas, consumer products, retail, not-for-profit and the public sector.

Ian’s firm belief is that the amazing tools we have available to us today are underused as we fight our competitors for the most valuable asset of all in today’s market place – attention.

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Our packages cover the full range of content types and we can help you tell your story online:

  • Video production
  • Podcasting
  • Copywriting
  • Blog content
  • Image production

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Strategy Development

  • Have you created Facebook pages and accounts on Instagram and YouTube but never found the time to use them consistently?
  • Do you struggle to find the time to learn how to deliver results with the latest tools but still want to make them work for you?
  • Are your competitors making headway using these tools and you want to learn how to make them work for you, too?

If any or all of these statements describe your business, we can help you to overcome them and understand how to make changes that deliver results.

We make certain that your overall business goals and objectives are aligned with your social media strategy so that the maximum effort is put into the most appropriate areas.

Training and Consultancy

A range of services is available, tailored to specific or general needs.
Group training sessions are constructed around specific topics geared to the level of the audience.

Example topics include:

  • Why personal branding matters
  • Content creation basics
  • Building online engagement for your business
  • ‘How to’ sessions for each platform – Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc


Ian Mountford – Director

T: +61 (0)455025355