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Experts in the design and creation of successful social marketing strategies, we help your business reach its goals online.

Get your social marketing strategy right with our support and the benefits of a range of social media tools, channels and platforms will be at your command:

Reach new customers and drive increases in revenue

Retain existing clients and attract new ones from different sources

Enter new business sectors and build a loyal following in any area

Boost product launches and make an immediate impact

What We Do

Are you fearful of using the power of digital to support your marketing efforts and don’t really know where to start?

Have you created Facebook pages and accounts on Twitter and Instagram but never found the time to use them consistently?

Do you struggle to find the time to learn how to deliver results with the latest tools but still want to make them work for you?

Are your competitors making headway using these tools and you want to learn how to make them work for you, too?

If any or all of these statements describe you, we can help you to overcome them and understand what will work best for you and your team. We make certain that your overall business goals and objectives are aligned with your social strategy so that the maximum effort is put into the most appropriate areas.

We use our SOCIAL FITNESS TEST to understand your needs and then demonstrate to you where the biggest gains can be made. We look at each of these areas in detail to make sure we can get you on the right tracks:


These are the characteristics of your business that differentiate you within your market and make up its D.N.A.


What social tools does your business have in play right now? This test helps us to understand what needs to change, why and how through careful analysis and interpretation of key data points.


We understand and review your current marketing approach, to gauge where you are now against where you want to be. The capability of your team and their knowledge and skills could be hugely important as you look to deliver a fresh approach.


This is the view from your customers and clients? How they see you and what you mean to them, for example, can have a huge impact on the type of approach you take. We listen to their views and find out where your strengths really are.


The alignment of a social marketing strategy with the goals and objectives of your business is critical, so we need to dig deep into your future plans and use them as our focus. Understanding here will tell us where the gaps are and what we can do to make significant improvements.


Ian is passionate about all things social and enjoys nothing more than helping business leaders to build social marketing strategies that deliver results.

His own digital journey began in 2008. His first steps were a YouTube channel, a WordPress site and a Twitter account that is still his ‘home’ today. He used these new tools on a voyage of discovery to document his journey as he came back to distance running in the USA after a few years out and, over time, built a solid community of runners tuning in each week for his latest updates.


In the years since, Ian has built followings on all of his personal platforms and raised the profile of numerous brands that he has been involved with, predominantly in the areas of recruitment and strategic consulting. His knowledge of the latest technology and tools has had a huge impact on the outcomes of his work and his influence has led policy and process change with many of his client organisations.

Ian has designed bespoke solutions for clients across a range of sectors and his corporate experience extends across businesses of all kinds – legal and professional services, marketing, sales, financial services, IT, oil and gas, consumer products, FMCG, retail, not-for-profit and the public sector.


Ian’s firm belief is that the amazing tools we have available to us today are underused and, in some cases, underpriced as we fight our competitors for the most valuable asset of all in today’s market place – attention.

Get in touch with Ian today and begin your own journey!


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Ian Mountford – Director

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