You Need Attention And It’s All Online Today

You Need Attention And It’s All Online Today

“But how do you get it?” is a question we get asked all the time.

Listen in to this clip to understand the best way to use your limited marketing and advertising budget wisely and get the best results.


Hi! I'm Ian Mountford from Fit For Social.

I wanna talk to you today about attention and how to get yours online.

Big brands understand the value of engagement 

And they know that it comes at a price, but it really is a price worth paying in order to reach the right audience at scale, build Long Term Value for their audience and actually generate sales which is what it's really all about. 

They're spending millions and millions of dollars – you feel sometimes like they're chasing you around online?

Well, that feeling is actually what’s happening because they're spending this budget at scale to make sure that everywhere that you go online, they're gonna pop up and they're gonna find you. 

And they do it so well, that they’re increasing their budget of the amount they spend to make sure that they do it more and more and more to get the right results for themselves.

So today, we’ve seen brands who are much much smaller actually doing the same thing everyday online with some extraordinary results.

We've got an advertising campaign run for a business to business client here in Australia that began by generating over 100k of revenue for a spend of less than a hundred dollars.

That in it was an awesome result but it was done because we just tune the ad perfectly to get the right result for the client.

Now, the good news is that You can do this, too for your business.

You've got a limited budget for marketing and advertising, and you've gotta spend it well, and you've got to spend it wisely of course to just make sure that it's delivering the right result for you.

And this is where we can help you, by running your online advertising campaigns from start to finish 

We can give you advice and guidance on the content you need to create and then deliver advertising for you, by testing, tuning and ensuring that these ads get the best results possible.

All you need to do is get in touch and ask how we can help you by managing your campaigns and we will walk you through the process. It's that simple. 

So get in touch today and start delivering results for your business online.


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