Big changes in our world since 2009

Big changes in our world since 2009

I’ve picked 2009 because that’s when I started on Twitter. I was based in the US and was told by a good friend of mine working in print media in the UK that I should take a look at ‘this Twitter thing’ to stay in touch with news, views, etc. while I was away from home. After a lot of listening and lurking in the darkness, I finally got stuck into it and began my own small journey into the world of content and beyond.

Fast forward to today and look where we are now. Digital platforms sell everything you could ever need and they are the go-to tools for marketers of all kinds. If you’re selling anything and everything, from goods and services to a candidate for the US Presidency, where do you go? You go where the ATTENTION is, and today it’s almost all ONLINE.

If you’re in business and you’re looking for growth and want to reach out to audiences old and new, you need to be where the attention is and be speaking the language that your audience is wanting to hear. Some time spent thinking what this means for you can pay huge dividends and if you want any help along the way, this is what I do everyday, so give me a shout.

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