What’s the style that’s going to make you successful?

What’s the style that’s going to make you successful?

Spend half an hour on Twitter (or less) and you will be able to identify the way people operate and how you would define them to someone else. It could be video content – lots of it – or it could be the way they interact and respond to the comments of their followers and start a debate on a daily basis. It could be their stunning photography or it could be their longer posts that tell amazingly detailed stories.

So what makes a style successful? It’s really down to you to find what feels comfortable and delivers the best results. Experiment with a few things before deciding that you’re going to be doing all of your work on video, for instance, especially if you’ve never done anything to camera in your life. That $1,000 Canon SLR might get a lot of attention from your creative friends but it might be gathering dust pretty fast if your videos don’t hit the mark.

Once you have put some content together and are sharing it on a regular basis, you should listen to the opinions of others you trust and take their feedback on board. It might mean that some time spent trying out another style is worth a try but it might also mean that you’re pointing in exactly the right direction, so don’t be afraid to ask in the first place.

When you find the style that fits you best, it’s time to build on these strengths and take some bold and confident steps. Aim your writing towards controversial subjects or take on more ambitious projects if you are creating video content. Use templates to build infographics into your work or create some some graphics to go at the beginning and end of your video to enhance the style you are developing and also help to build your brand with your audience.

Whatever it is that you’ve begun to deliver, create a plan to help keep you motivated and ensure you know where you’re going. But above all else, keep delivering, be ambitious and work as hard as you can and the success will come.

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