Time your content for the biggest impact

Time your content for the biggest impact

Journalists have a thorough understanding of this tip but it's still worth repeating. Post stories about lunch places just before lunchtime. Write about your favourite places for coffee in the morning. Make a video about that time you worked as a volunteer at the Olympic Games in the two weeks leading up to the next global event and you'll be sure to see a greater amount of interest.

This may seem like a very small issue when there is so much content out there and so many images and videos are being shared every minute across the globe, but you want your work to stand out and be noticed by your target audience, right? Of course you do, so keep this in mind and have an eye on what's coming up next that's important to your followers that you can comment on. 

For example, if you're a personal trainer or a physiotherapist, look at races that are coming up in your city that weekend and share some tips on injury prevention or warm ups. Or if there is a major sporting event on the horizon, say a cycling event like the Tour Down Under going on in Adelaide this week, give some training tips for building cycling strength or a stretching routine that riders could try out.

You could also use specific targeted advertising on platforms like Facebook or Instagram to get your message right into the newsfeeds of potential new customers, demonstrating your knowledge and perhaps enticing them with a special offer… but this is for another time.

Give this one a try and let me know how you get on.

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