A classic example of 90’s marketing in 2017 – Sapporo Breweries

A classic example of 90’s marketing in 2017 – Sapporo Breweries

I would love to know how successful the huge billboard-style advertising campaign being run by Sapporo Breweries in Sydney right now is – and also how much it must have cost. It’s enormous, with ads all over the place and some huge ones in prime spots, too.

I think Sapporo are missing the trick, though. Why didn’t they take the dollars being spent on this campaign and use them online to advertise to their specific targeted audience on Facebook? They would be able to accurately measure their ROI, increase their audience with some clever content and then market directly to an audience that they already know are interested in their product.

How do they know who is paying attention to their huge (and very dull) ads? How can they track the success of their ads based on style, location, position, etc? The simple answer is that they cannot.

I think this type of campaign is more appropriate to marketing in the 1990s or earlier when the TV ruled and your brand just needed to be visible to get an audience interested. Some of these Sapporo ads don’t even have a call to action of any kind or a link to a website.

In 2017, the facts are that things are very, very different and brands that continue to market like we are still in the 90’s are going to find it tricky to continue to compete as the world of social media marketing continues to grow and grow.

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