Epic Fail From A Social Media ‘Expert’

Epic Fail From A Social Media ‘Expert’

Bad practice goes on in every industry but the social media marketing world, especially in Australia as it is still in it’s infancy in many ways, is open to more than others.

I had an experience that left a very bad taste in my mouth when attempting to engage with a digital/social media marketing agency here in Sydney last week and I explain in this video the reasons why it was a very big fail in so many ways.

I haven’t made this video to drop this particular agency off a cliff – I have made this so that people who are in the market for long term growth and excellent results over a long term period of time are able to recognise the difference between those that know how it’s done and those who don’t.

Please let me know your thoughts on this in the comments below as I am very keen for this point to be understood and would like to know if anyone has had similar experiences.

  • Jocelyn Hughes
    Posted at 15:26h, 12 April Reply

    Hi Ian, Totally agree its the equivalent of junk mail through the door which you didn’t want, need or ask for. Jo

    • Ian Mountford
      Posted at 02:54h, 13 April Reply

      Hi Jo – good to hear from you. We know what happens to junk mail, too!

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