The Matt Egan Interview

The Matt Egan Interview

Staying Ahead In The World Of Content Production – Matt is a very good friend and the Editorial Director of all US and UK publications for IDG – the world’s biggest data, media and services company for technology. His role is all about managing teams of content producers for popular publications such as PC Advisor, MacWorld and Computer World, so when he talks about content and where the world of content production is today, it’s well worth a listen.

The full interview is 23 minutes long so here are some signposts if you want to skip to the parts that interest you the most:

0.35 – Matt’s role and the work done by his teams

3.00 – Biggest shifts in the industry as seen by Matt in his 14 year career to date

5.24 – The role of a journalist today

10.23 – The growth of video content

16.00 – How to get attention in a crowded market

19.51 – What’s ahead for content producers to consider in the next 3 to 5 years

21.37 – Is Twitter still worth the effort

We made this video when I was back in the UK a couple of weeks ago and I can’t thank Matt enough for taking the time out to make this clip. For my Australian audience, there are some cracking strategic insights here that I’m sure you’ll enjoy and learn from. You can find out more about Matt through his LinkedIn profile

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