Case Study – The Little Breathing Space

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Case Study – The Little Breathing Space

Clarissa Hughes from The Little Breathing Space wrote this great review of our work together over the last couple of months:

“I found out about Ian and Fit for Social in a Facebook group. He had received a very favourable review from a group member and I was looking for someone to help me get my social media approach on track.

Ian’s approach is different from other social media strategy operators in a number of ways. Firstly he actually knows what a strategy is – it’s not tools or whizz bang gadgets, it’s grounded in business planning and brand management. Ian works with you one to one to understand your business today and where you want to take it. Then we work together to build the right social media approach to support the business to grow. At the heart of the strategy is content marketing to build real engagement with customers which is unlike other social media operators who push for sales tactics and email list building early in the process.

My social platforms have taken off with NO SPEND since working with Ian. My new Facebook page has close to 1700 followers and I’m getting engagement, even with all the barriers that Facebook throws up. My Instagram account has grown from a few hundred followers to close to 900 in just over 2 months and, more importantly, my engagement rate is strong with daily comments that are of value. I have started to develop traction on my Twitter feed and have a fast-growing podcasting audience on iTunes and Overcast.

After working with Ian, I have a clear roadmap for my social media approach that supports each step of my growth over the next 3 years. I also have learnt a lot about how to podcast and tools to make my Instagram account look a lot better to name just a couple. I have much more confidence in my message and my ability to deliver it to my target audience. It’s easy to get caught up in numbers of likes/followers. I love using podcasting to create engagement rather than just relying on blogging (which I do as well).

Ian and Fit for Social have also developed a beautiful video to bring my brand to life which is the opener for my website, my Facebook header and can be shared over and over to give my followers a real feel for the brand and business.

I was very excited to be approached to become a brand ambassador for a major mindfulness training company and app ‘Thrive-UK’ which is endorsed by the NHS and used by British Airways, Aviva, Virgin Trains to name but a few. This came directly from the social media posts that I have been putting out. This gives me access to a hundreds of thousands of people who are already interested in mindfulness and gives me the opportunity to attract them to my social channels and convert some of them to become customers for my e-courses and retreats.

My advice to anyone thinking of developing a social media marketing strategy is to recognise that social is a long game and requires consistency and persistence. It’s about delivering the same message in interesting ways across multiple platforms. There are very few quick wins and you need to build trust through content to get people to hand over their email address and to want to work with you.

My experience of working with Ian was uplifting and supportive. I was given intelligent, strategic and practical advice that I could implement from day 1. I really value what Ian has brought to my business and look forward to a continued partnership, even though I’m now on the other side of the world.”

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