Case Study – Leylandagreen

Leylandagreen Fit For Social Ian Mountford

Case Study – Leylandagreen

Peter Wade, owner of Leylandagreen, took the time to write this review of the work we have done together. Thanks Peter!

Leylandagreen Fit For Social Ian Mountford

“For some time now I have been playing around the edges of Instagram hoping to increase the number of page followers for a short term rental property (#leylandagreen) we own in the Southern Highlands of NSW. After 8 months and gaining only 100 followers it was abundantly clear my approach was not working…enter Ian Mountford.

Last week Ian and I spent almost four hours talking about my vision for the property and how that would impact any Instagram strategy I pursued. And, out of that, a plan was conceived.

Ian clearly — and succinctly — outlined a strategy he believed would work for me — he proposed a workflow I should try to follow, gave advice on how to slightly change and improve the content I have been posting, spent time talking about hashtags and how they are so important in the overall process, explained why I should be using videos and stories and not just still images, and walked me through some external software that would enable me to better understand my audience.

Aside from the fact I felt completely shattered when I realised the work commitment required if I were to successfully achieve my goal, I was much more comfortable that it was achievable. Ian had set out my business plan and now it was up to me to implement it.

And what has been the outcome after one week? Admittedly off a low base but my followers have increased by 8% and my last post flew out of the gates much faster than any previous uploads. There is more work to be done but I am confident I am on the right track — I wish I had turned to Ian earlier!”

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