The Long Term Conversion Formula

The Long Term Conversion Formula Ian Mountford Fit For Social

The Long Term Conversion Formula

I've been using this formula with my clients and for my own content and it's really paying dividends by taking this approach. This is how it breaks down and i'll walk you through it below:

Attention/Awareness + Trust = Sales

It’s all about creating attention and awareness of you and what you do and consistently showing up in the feed of those who follow you with excellent content that's helpful and provides clarity on your authority and expertise on your subject matter. This then builds trust over a period of time, especially if what you’re telling people is helpful and practical advice, examples of problems that you have solved for clients and other useful information that demonstrates your knowledge, skills and experience.

If you’re authentic, passionate and enthusiastic and you show your audience that you’re the person or people that can solve their problems – you keep showing up, creating more new content and building more and more trust – this will eventually lead to opportunities for engagement (online or offline) and then the likelihood of a transactional relationship where a sale or exchange of services would take place is definitely increased as a result.

Think of this formula as a long term strategy to underpin the value of your investment in content production on a consistent basis, covering topics that solve the problems that your target audience faces and which demonstrate why you are the people they should turn to for help. Build trust over the long term and give your audience what they want and they'll be sure to give you what you what in return when the need arises.

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