Are You Building A Community Online?

Fit For Social Ian Mountford

Are You Building A Community Online?

If you're just pushing content at your audience and hoping that they will see it, you'll struggle to get the results you want. Our new Social Media Masterplan can help you solve this problem – find out more in this clip.

Audio Transcription:

Are you building an actual community online?
Is your Facebook and Instagram page just another place where you post content, with very little purpose or reason why people following you should pay attention?

I look at a lot of content every day and I'm always interested in the ways that businesses encourage their audience to actually engage with it,
…but it's a struggle because today most businesses are just pushing content at their audience and hoping that the audience will react and respond in some way.
… and that's not going to work in turning attention online into enquiries and sales.

I think it's a bit like making a sandwich – what goes into the sandwich itself is what makes it great.
The bread with the meat, and the salad on their own just chucked into the bread don't make a great sandwich.
You need to craft it – you need to take care with what goes into your sandwich to make it great.
You also always think of what sauce you're going to add, and what's going to make it really special…
And then you're satisified with it – it hits the spot, right?!

The same goes into creating online content –
you've got to think about what's going to make it special.
What's going to make your audience pay attention and take some action.

If you find it's very difficult to get your audience to engage with your content, and make it stick,
…maybe one of my Social Media Masterplan sessions can help you?

We'll spend some time together to craft your messages with the full focus on getting your audience engaged.
They're going to be more likely to buy from you if they're engaged with the content you're making for them,
and i'll help you get this right every time.

To sign up for a masterplan session, all you need to do is text the number you'll find in the comments below and we'll get you hooked up.

And remember – if nobody sees your content or knows ‘who you are' or ‘what you do', the work you do online won't lead to sales.
Get in touch today and we can start changing this!

Thanks for listening 🙂


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