Want To Get Your Facebook Business Page Back To Life?

Fit for social Ian Mountford

Want To Get Your Facebook Business Page Back To Life?

I've created a free recorded message for any business that has a Facebook page that's not your best friend right now and isn't doing much to help your marketing.

There's something for you to try out here that can wake up your page and get some action on it again with some focused effort on your part.

If you're any kind of retailer, or a professional services firm – accountants, lawyers, insurance brokers, real estate, surveyors, IT services, etc, the advantage for your business if you use this tool well is HUGE.

Watch this short clip and then call the number when you're ready – 1800 857 695  


Good morning guys this is Ian Mountford here from Fit For Social. This is a message specifically for you if you're any kind of retail business, if you're a small professional services business that's a real estate firm, a law firm, an insurance broker cares, an accountancy, a surveyor; anybody that's offering professional services to to other businesses.

And if your business has got a small following on Facebook then you're not communicating with that following, you haven't posted for a while, and there's no real action on that page.

The thing that I need to ask you to do, which will take you literally two minutes to do, is to telephone this free recorded messages one 1800 857 695 if you're in Australia. And what you'll do is you'll find something in that, that you can trial and use and play with that will help you to get some engagement with the people on your Facebook page and start to have a conversation with them to get into realize that you're still there, and that you're interested in doing business with them.

So let me give you the number again it's one 1800 857 695, it literally will take two minutes, but hopefully you'll find it interesting, useful, and it'll start to give you some progress and Facebook that you may be not finding right now.


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