Be A Producer More Than A Consumer

Be A Producer More Than A Consumer

Social Media content consumption is becoming one of the most addictive pastimes we have today. But you can avoid this being a problem for you if you actually start producing more content than you consume. Become a leader in your sector rather than a follower of others and demonstrate your skills and experience at scale. Make the headlines, don't just read them!


Hi! I'm Ian Mountford from Fit For Social.

And today I want to you talk about the issues, there are at taking so much time to consume content and not actually producing any yourself. I think social media consumption is one of the biggest addictions that we've got in societies today, you can see everywhere you go.

The examples are boundless. There's people walking into you on the street they got their head on their phone. My wife told me yesterday something she saw somebody walked into actually one of those stand up banners because they were just in their phone, and she couldn't stop laughing.

You've got emergency rooms. Excuse me. Reporting people coming into the ER, picking glass out their hand, because they've been in a car accident, and they've got their phone in their hand. Now that might be just because of maps but I've driven long and I've seen people looking at videos as they're driving along. I've seen it on the bike while I'm riding.

And every I think everyone has been in this situation way, you may have taken toilet break. But during that toilet break you're taking your phone with you so you could keep up with your Instagram feed or you've been continuing watching YouTube video. Whatever, whatever sort of thing that you're immersed with at that time and you didn't want to lose it.

So I think the key is don't be a follower, and I think create some quality content so that you can lead the conversation and all these areas that you're an expert in. There are so many things that your audience wants to hear from you. About your expertise and about what you know. So if you can pull that content together. And, and put it out in a way that's interesting for the audience and helpful for them, you will start to get more people to know you and like you and trust you and then want to do work with you.

So, you want to improve your results and and get much better results online quickly, start producing.


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