Free Webinar Announcement – Turn Social Media Into Profits

Ian Mountford

Free Webinar Announcement – Turn Social Media Into Profits

Free Webinar Announcement – Turn Social Media Into Profits – Learn how to get real results for your small business in less time by using Online Marketing and Social Media. 


This Free Seminar delivered by Ian Mountford (Fit For Social) will put you on the path to success and help you to overtake your competition and get known in your marketplace. If you want to get more customers, increase your profits and spend less cash on advertising and marketing that doesn't work, this Seminar is for you. Make the time you spend online worthwhile using effective, proven systems and join this Free Seminar today to uncover the secrets.


Hi! I'm Ian Mountford from Fit For Social.

If you have wasted money on marketing in the past, and you don't feel it's been delivered. If you're watching your competition do some interesting stuff online and you've got the whole FOMO thing going on and you want to be able to do more than them, get the same or better results than them. Or if you want a bigger pipeline, you want more people to know who you are, I've got something for you.

It's coming up next Wednesday the 22nd of May, at 12:30pm, East Coast Australia Standard Time. It's called “Turn Social Media Into Profits”, and it's for small businesses independents, consultants, contractors, retailers, professional services firms. And its pure simple focus is to help you learn how to grow your pipeline, learn how to do marketing that works, and how to really increase your revenue.

So there's a link to Eventbrite where you can book your spot.

And it's in the description below this post so I hope to get to meet you on the 22nd so you can find out more.


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