Attracting Attention Online Is Only Part Of The Game

attracting attention online

Attracting Attention Online Is Only Part Of The Game

Attracting attention online is only part of the game when it comes to Social Media Marketing today – you'll get much better results over time when you know what matters more today.

Conversion matters much more than likes and followers on your profiles.

The time we spend online can become destructive very quickly if we don't see new leads or new business.

When was the last time you took a look at how long you spend online and how much value you get from it in terms of revenue?

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I was talking to one of my clients and we were having an interesting conversation about attracting attention online. They felt that their content was getting a lot of likes and new followers and this was getting them excited. 

Likes and followers don't pay the bills

The reality is that likes and followers sadly don't pay the bills. What really matters today when you're delivering content and attracting attention online is that if you're not converting attention online into new customers, you're just wasting time.

You must find a way to actually make the conversion happen. Make more offers to people, provide value for people, and be helpful. And you've got to do this as often as you can.

Trust develops over time

If you do this, a level of trust develops in you and what you're saying. And the person that's understanding what you're saying and why you're saying it begins to trust you as they do what you say in your content. You answer all their questions and you tell them how you can solve their problems. And they begin to make sales, the trust gets stronger and they end up being your customer, too!

I make a lot of offers and attract attention online. I'm finding that lots of people are buying from me because it makes sense – they've discovered what I've said has been helpful for them and now that trust is leading to sales.







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