Learn How To Write Better Social Media Content

Learn How To Write Better Social Media Content

Learn How To Write Better Social Media Content

If you learn how to write better social media content, your organic search results will improve greatly. We create content for people to read it, right? So follow these tips to make sure that more people actually do get to see what you have written!

  • Get the pen and fingers moving. Use a notebook and see if this helps to make the content creation process flow.
  • Read many books and articles – the good and the bad. If you read on a broad range of topics, this is a surefire way to write better social media content over time as you take on board new ideas, information and influences.
  • Listen to podcasts for ideas and inspiration. You can find a podcast on just about anything today so subscribe to your favourites and play them in the car, during your commute, etc. 
  • Practice mono tasking, setting a timer for uninterrupted writing. This is a great way to improve your focus and deliver the goods.
  • Work on brilliant headlines. The headline is so important to any post so take some time to work on improving it.
  • Ask someone you trust to proofread your written social media content. You don't have to always agree with their feedback but it can save you from some glaring errors.
  • Always think of your reader. “Write with the reader in mind” is some of the best advice I ever received. What do they want to hear from you?
  • Read your own writing out loud. This is a game changer! If it sounds like something you wouldn't read, don't press send.
  • When in doubt, cut it out. There is a place for long, informative and educational posts, but they can struggle if every post you create is in this style. 
  • If you can’t write a book, write a blog post. 
  • If you can’t write a blog post, comment on a post from someone else. Like this one!

What things do you find tricky when you write social media content? What part of the process do you find the most difficult?



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