How to Use Social Media Platforms To Share Your Spotlight

How to Use Social Media Platforms To Share Your Spotlight

Some of the best content you can create comes from sharing your social media platforms with others. In this way you can shine your spotlight – the spotlight that your platforms gives you – on business partners, colleagues and other contacts in your network.

Your audience also gets to know them and their ideas and you get the same from their audience when they share the content. Find out more in this video below:

You can share case studies, carry out interviews, or just record a conversation about the state of the market in content of this kind. 

Using video is also a great way to produce this kind of content. Facebook Live and Instagram Stories can be created ‘on the fly' making the best use of time and requiring hardly any effort in production details. 

Posts of this type are also very popular and work well on LinkedIn. The ability to tag the person you are talking to in the post, plus other people who may feature in the conversation, is simple.

Other people have got stories to tell and we are all solving problems for our clients every day. Social media platforms are a great way to share these stories with your target audience online.

It also puts you in a strong position as an authority figure in your sector when you are hosting these kinds of conversations on your social media platforms. 

Get in touch with us if you need any help with creating this kind of content. It's really worth doing so give it a try today!







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